Our Vision and Values

Motupipi School Vision

  • Believe in yourself
  • Be caring
  • Take the challenge
  • Succeed

Motupipi School Values


Values are the standards by which we guide ourselves in our day-to-day lives.


We will participate and succeed in all parts of school life.
We will make the best use of all opportunities offered at school.


We will be truthful and trustworthy to ourselves and others.


We will be accountable for all our own actions.
We will honour committments made to others.
We will be able to control our feelings and behaviour in an acceptable way.


We will be considerate and appreciative of others.
We will value all members of the school community.


We will be concerned for the wellbeing of others.
We will show compassion towards others.

Self Worth

We will value and respect ourselves.
We will recognise our own goodnesss and personal qualities.

Motupipi School Goals

We believe:

  • our school will be an open, welcoming and friendly place for children, staff, parents and the community.
  • in setting high expectations in all aspects of school life.
  • all children should experience success and have their efforts and achievements celebrated.
  • all children should feel safe, able to take risks and have their contributions valued.
  • in providing opportunities for all children to take increasing responsibility for their learning.
  • all children are encouraged to take pride and ownership of their surroundings.

Motupipi Strategic Goals

  • To provide the children with a quality literacy programme with special focus on:

-·  improving progress and achievement in writing across Yrs 4-6

-   improving progress and achievement in reading  and writing for students after one, two and three years at school

  • To develop an ICT plan which will enhance the achievement of our children.
  • To provide  opportunities for our children to be proud of NZ’s maori heritage.