ERO January 2012

20 January 2009

To the Parents and Community of Motupipi School

These are the findings of the Education Review Office's latest report on Motupipi School.

Motupipi School is a rural school located in Golden Bay catering for students from years 1-6. An attractive office entrance displays student work and photographs of school life. Recent property improvements include the construction of a volley board. BMX track and the purchase of heat pumps and classroom furniture. Spacious and well-maintained grounds feature extensive organic vegetable gardens used to support learning programmes.

This review evaluates the quality of teaching and learning in numeracy, progress in improving achievement of Māori students and how the school is preparing for the implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum by 2010.  ERO also considered compliance, particularly in relation to health and safety.  No concerns are identified. 

Since the 2006 ERO review, the school has engaged in a variety of professional development programmes.  These include the Numeracy Project to improve teaching practice in mathematics and the Assess to Learn initiative to develop formative assessment strategies.  The appraisal system has been reviewed and the analysis of student achievement data is now organised more effectively. 

Numeracy achievement data indicate that most students in years 4, 5 and 6 are achieving at or above the expected level.  In year 3, most are generally achieving at or slightly below the expected level. 

The Board of Trustees is committed to its governance role and highly supportive of teachers and students.  Trustees have a well-established approach to self review.  Key features include community consultation, comprehensive curriculum and achievement reports and a recent strategic planning day.  The board is developing a sound understanding of governance. 

The principal is actively involved with students and leads a culture of inclusiveness and community.  He is dedicated to the improvement of their well-being, for example through the transition programme to the local high school. 

Teaching is effective and there are examples of high quality practice.  Teachers use authentic contexts for learning and use the school environment and locality to add value to programmes. 

The culture of the school is friendly and fosters a healthy community spirit.  Parents and visitors are made to feel welcome.  Students are articulate and confident, and express respect for their teachers.  They appreciate the leadership opportunities and outdoor programmes provided.

This report identifies the need to review and further develop reporting systems, school-wide assessment processes and programme provision for gifted and talented students.

Future Action

ERO is confident that the board of trustees can manage the school in the interests of the students and the Crown and bring about the improvements outlined in this report. 

ERO is likely to review the school again as part of the regular review cycle.

Review Coverage

ERO reviews do not cover every aspect of school performance and each ERO report may cover different issues.  The aim is to provide information on aspects that are central to student achievement and useful to this school.

If you would like a copy of the full report, please click on the following link:

Lennane Kent

Area Manager

for Chief Review Officer